Mayor’s highlight: Participation is a must


Participation is a familiar world to say today in urban planning study and program. Why is it popular? Because many experts believe that participation is the main key of success especially in Planning. Planning is aiming for public domain like Friedman said and done for a better condition in the future. So when those words combined it mean planning is for people, everything to do in planning basically has to be able to occupied people needs.

Participation word can also be found in ecomobility perspective which related to social behavior and willingness. Just like what Lagos Moreno mayors Mr Hugo Ruiz said in the Suwon Ecomobility Congress 2013 that ecomobility related with city planning have to be “people proposal” not “government proposal”. Here people contribution is essential because acceptance is the important word in implementation stage (Haag, 2013) and also to reach sustainability. Kyoto’s Mayor Mr Daisaku Kadokawa also stated that government and the people have to hand in hand to meet a better future condition by ecomobility. Why ecomobility need people? Because ecomobility is everyone rights, its human rights.


Here in Suwon, the host of ecomobility festival, the mayor Mr Tae-Young Yeom encourages haenggung dong people to take big part in this ecomobility program. They working together to move private motorize vehicle aside and started to use non-motorized transportation, which is a great example of partnership. Suwon has try to improve their cities step by step, in fact before Suwon there is some others cities in the world working in the same goals, ecomobility for a better living. Kyoto in Japan, Freiburg in Germany, Kaohsiung in China, and some others cities in Asia, Europe and America are in stated of improvement and development, and hopefully many others cities in the world could follow their effort on encourage people to participate on the planning, so that they could understand and implement ecomobility.

Participation always need trust, people trust have to be gained by the government to be able to reach their goals and objectives. In fact if we see in developing countries corruption still remains to be the first challenge in gaining trust. Indonesia is one of bad cases of trust issues, because it was one of the most corrupted countries in Asia. People trust are low, they don’t believe to the government program and planning. How come? Because many planning in Indonesia are lack of implementation, besides sometimes it pushes aside the people aspiration. They have failed to reach the people heart, failed to gain people trust and rebuilt governance system and condition are the answer of increasing people trust.


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