SUWON ECOMOBILITY VILLAGE: Let’s start to change!


Suwon ecomobolity village are great innovation to introduce ecomobillity towards people. The street is walk able and comfortable with many restaurant and cafe around. Although it seems to be lack of greeneries, the weather is quite hot in the summer and greeneries will help this condition.  By new walk able street people in Haenggung dong village are encourage to leave their cars behind and start to ecomobile and enjoying the live and feel of their own village.

Suwon Mayor is working hard in this project, much demonstration happened during the construction stage. People objection are so high, some restaurant and cafe owner are protested and old people feel uncomfortable with noise and dust from the construction. A grandfather died because asthma while the construction held, in fact the families blamed construction dust as the main problem. Demonstration happened saying that “ecomobility had killed someone” it must be stopped!

Now in Haenggung dong many people started to believe and feel comfortable with the less cars condition. But the mayor has to step back a bit to fulfill the people ultimatum to let the car move in again a week after the opening day.  Although some challenge still remains unsolved the mayor has doing the best he can do to give an example and impulse to the ecomobility development.  The commitment towards ecomobilty encourages Suwon City to give bigger incentives to the people so that the ecomobility message could be heard. Did it already hear? No not yet, a bigger effort is still needed to reach sustainability. And for almost 30 years ecomobility being develop Indonesia, Philippines, and some others developing countries are still wondering when? How? And who? Would do the first step towards ecomobility. We have leave those question behind and started to planned and change it immediately if we would like to secure the future generation condition.






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