LATE POST: Youth Session of Suwon Ecomobility Festival, Get Inspired and Cares!

Youth session on Suwon Ecomobillity Festival was a great session that attends by Korean, Kenya, and Indonesian youth to share about the youth aspiration and point of view in Ecomobility. Held in Sunkyung Library in September 3rd 2013 at 17.30 until 20.00 inside the haenggung dong neighborhood area, this session gather more than 200 youth participant from many high schools in Korea. Social, environmental, cultural, and governmental issues are being discussed together by five youth panels that consists of Myung Seung-Yeon from Korea, Kang Jeong-hyun from Korea, Ratna Kusumanigrum from Indonesia, Rachel Machua from Kenya, and also Willice Onyango from IYC Kenya. Assist by four experts from some organizations such as Suwon transportation department director Mr Park Heung Su, UN-Habitat Asia Pasific regional advisor Dr. Kulwant Singh, ICLEA representative Mr Santosh Kadokula, and Mr Carlos Felipe Pardo as the executive director of Fundacion Despacio the discussion are held with high enthusiasm. The high curiosity of Korean youth is can be seen here in this session. Many smart and interesting questions were asked by them challenging the expert and other youth panel to explain more. One question that interesting is that what happened and what plans to do when ecomobility and sustainability are already reach in the future? From this question can be seen how the youth already think far ahead about cities and development.

The session was aiming to encourage young people to supported ecomobility in many ways because as a youth they are they could change the future faces. The youth have to be able to speak and expresses their passion and opinion in many ways. Youth declaration about ecomobility, its benefits, and also youth participation are reads by four youth Lendsey Lilian, Song Jin-Ju, Telly Obrein, and Jo Su-min from Kenya and Korea in the end of the session are written to encourage youth to take part on this huge movement and to create more understanding to them that without youngster contribution the marathon sticks cannot be continued in the future.

me and Korea youth

source: suwon ecomobility festival youth session committee
short discussion

source: suwon ecomobility festival youth session committee
youth declaration supporting ecomobility

source: suwon ecomobility festival youth session committee

source: suwon ecomobility festival youth session committee
take a picture with all participants


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