Kevin Lynch (1960) said that the physical spaces of the city created an image and characteristic of the city itself, this physical characteristic could divide into five category that consist of path, edge, nodes, district, and landmark.

A district could create a social space function, social space in a certain city usually seen as an open space like garden that could gives activity spaces for citizen. The activities could be many things that related to human interaction. But social spaces for urban people is not always in the form of garden, it could be another function such as commercial, religious activity, education, and many more. A city with many characteristics formed a lifestyle and its citizen personalities. So that, a city has to be creates well in contribution of better lifestyle changes (Wirth, 1938).

Public space is an area that gives interaction places. Street, garden, plaza, and open space could give shapes in community lifestyle (Carr, 1992). Providing this kind of spaces in the peoples social live will bring satisfaction and happiness.


Urbanism as a way of life, Wirth (1938). The American Journal of Sociology, Vol.44, No 1, (JUL. 1938), pp 1-24

The Image of The City, Kevin Lynch (1960)

Carr, Stephen.1992. Public Space. Cambridge University Press : United States of America.

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