About Bang Bua Community, Thailand

  • Bang Bua located in 10 Km’s north of Bangkok
  • In the past canal was the main point of trading activities in Bangkok when the king palace still in Ayuthaya
  • In Bang Bua there are 3.400 people lived alongside Bang Bua Canal, they live in a low income condition
  • Formerly, Bang Bua Community consist of 60 household, in 2010 become 254 household
  • According to the people, Samaki Ruamjai was the first community that join Baan Mankong program, it was 16 years ago.
  • Bang Bua community join Baan Mankong in 2003 and finished their program in 2010
  • Then they join Baan Mangkong program for some reason,
  1. Bad environment (bad living standard)
  2. flood in monsoon season
  3. poor sanitation
  4. many crimes (drug seller), bad environment for children development
  5. poor access
  6. low sense of belonging in community
  7. esthetic problem
  • In the beginning Bang Bua are empty space that owned by the government
  • they are migrants from north east Thailand

Planning Development Process ….

Land Subdivision

  1. Rely on Sripathum University
  2. Reblocking
  3. New location wasn’t far from the old location
  4. There are 10 groups of households, making negotiation in choosing new location

Housing Design Process

  1. Made By Sripathum University
  2. There are 3 house models : detached house, double twin house, town house
  3. The community built their own building, because some inhabitants works as construction workers


  • Bang Bua Community have three house models (which they developed with Archarn seng from Maha Salakon University and from architecture faculty of Sripathum University)
  • Physic of House
  • Material of house
  • Roof = asbestos, floor = ceramics (mixed color of ceramics), wall =bricks and cements
  • Air circulation = most of houses only have window pane for air circulation, but several houses have their air circulation on the wall, door model = made from wood (in the outside is a metal)
  • There is a garden in front of the house, the size is about 1 x 2 m




Bang Bua Houses by group 4 Planning Studio Diponegoro University Class 2008


Bang Bua Comitte



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