SPACES : Les Halles and Beaubourg

Forum Des Halles, St. Eustache, Bourse de Commerce, and the Center George Pompidou are some interesting landmarks that we can find in the two regions. An interesting and unique architecture became an attraction that distinguishes this region with other areas in Paris. A merger between medieval architecture with the modern architecture of the Forum Des Halles and the Pompidou Center George bring different colors for this area.

Forum des Halles and the Pompidou Center George is also one of nodes or a meeting point in the region besides Fountain Des Innocent and Chatelet-Les Halles which is below ground level. The four locations are the places where it can be found a variety of community activities and the central of the people movement. As the Beaubourg, Les Halles and the two regions is quite different where Les Halles are more likely on trade and services while the Beaubourg more heading into open space and art purpose. But as already mentioned earlier, both areas are difficult to split apart not only because of its proximity but also because of the interconnectedness of history and activity.

The Boulevard de Sébastopol is the border that split both areas visually. It is one of the main streets of Paris which was not closed by the City Government of Paris and still allows motor vehicle for passing by. Zebra cross location is used to provide for the people that want to move towards the two region. While the two main roads that connects directly between the Beaubourg and Les Halles is the Berger and Rambuteau street which can also be categorized as a path.

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Wide pedestrian ways provided for pedestrians in those two regions. Some roads are deliberately closed to increase the comfort of people activity. The shops along the pedestrian with the addition of the typical architecture of Paris add to the visual pleasure of walking. Unfortunately this comfort is slightly disturbed when there is a lot of dung found in some parts of the road. Paris community habit of bringing a pet walking is a major cause of this discomfort.

As the location of open space and community gathering makes some additional facilities tried to add by the local government including chairs, garden lightning, unique iron gates as well as several fountains and sculptures. Unfortunately most of the aesthetics of the park was under renovation when the research was conducted. Some of the old buildings are maintained as an effort to increase the aesthetic visual. Unfortunately not many of Paris citizren do some activities around Bourse de Commerce and St. Eustache. Lack of caring and promotion also makes these two beautiful buildings less well known among tourists. Lack of concern from the community and the local government in cleaning matter become the weakness of the area aesthetic. If this weakness can be overcome by a variety of new innovation surely Les Halles may be a convenient location for the public good to just hanging out or shopping.