Development Process of Kampong Batik Kauman, Solo City

Kampong is …

  • Traditional settlement which exist in both urban and rural areas
  • Sub standart settlement
  • Sub standart life style
  • Rural type settlement

Local Initiative and development process …

  • Reanimating the effort batik in that area.
  • Reanimating Kauman as a moslem village.
  • Developing Kauman as a tourism village

Non Physical development:

  • Improving people awareness about the potency of their area
  • Promotion to global society through mass media, and participation to seminar/exhibition /discussion.

Physical development:

Making Detail Engineering Design of settlement utility and heritage walk (Marga Lestari) executed in handling of physical phase-1 Kauman


Non Physical:

  • Batik regular monthly bulletin
  • Batik community already has a legal entity
  • Make business loans with savings and loans
  • Natural coloring training guide (environmental friendly colouring)
  • Local national tv coverage for promotional activities


  • Opening of batik museum
  • The opening of new batik show room 8 -7o
  • Make a simple park for open space
  • Street furniture: Green canopy, Council names street, benches, street lights, information board and mapĀ 







  1. UNDIP Rural Development Summer School team in Malaysia, 2011
  2. Kauman Community