Kevin Lynch (1960) said that the physical spaces of the city created an image and characteristic of the city itself, this physical characteristic could divide into five category that consist of path, edge, nodes, district, and landmark.

A district could create a social space function, social space in a certain city usually seen as an open space like garden that could gives activity spaces for citizen. The activities could be many things that related to human interaction. But social spaces for urban people is not always in the form of garden, it could be another function such as commercial, religious activity, education, and many more. A city with many characteristics formed a lifestyle and its citizen personalities. So that, a city has to be creates well in contribution of better lifestyle changes (Wirth, 1938).

Public space is an area that gives interaction places. Street, garden, plaza, and open space could give shapes in community lifestyle (Carr, 1992). Providing this kind of spaces in the peoples social live will bring satisfaction and happiness.


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People space

In this earth everyone need spaces, working space, eating space, sleeping space, and other need. More space means freedom, freedom to express and feels. There are two kinds of spaces in this world, individual space and public space. Individual space is a private space for people to express themselves with their own rules and limitation, and public space is a place where everyone could come and use it for any kind of activities but still have to considering rules and social limitation. Our own room and houses are the example of individual spaces. City plaza, garden, pedestrian ways and streets are the example of public spaces that built for everyone.

Gil Penelosa once said that one of the biggest public spaces is streets which mean everyone has the same right in the street. Rich, poor, farmer, president, and student, all of them have the same right and opportunity to use it and shares it. In the past street was made to occupied people mobility to move from one place to another by walking, cycling, and horsing, but today basically street is the home of millions cars and motorcycles. Bigger the street made, bigger the number of cars found. People with cars and motorcycle occupied all street spaces only for them. Street vendors occupied pedestrian ways for trading activities. There are not enough spaces for people to walk and cycling just like what our grandfather did. So when the street is too much filled with cars and motorcycle, the poor access to the road become less especially when they could not access cheap transportation.  This condition also harming our environment and earth so much, but many people did not realize or maybe tend to ignore it.

Here in every city in the world we can see that we need something to change for the future generation. Because cars and motorcycle are not only affected our environment but also people mindset and behavior which become the biggest challenge for every party that working hard on introducing sustainable transportation now. Including Mayor of Suwon City, Mr Yeom Tae-Young, he as the mayor where ecomobilty congress takes place have to work harder to convince the citizen to participate as the first ecomobility village in the world. People did not want to change! They were too comfortable lived with their cars.


Not only Suwon City that located in the develop country South Korea facing social behavior as the main challenge, Indonesia and other developing country found it as a bigger challenge. Why? Because people behavior in this country cannot be solved easily, this problem emerges as the result of trust problem. Trust towards the government, trust towards the planning decision, trust toward everything especially related with government performance and finance. But whether this issue emerges or not most cities in the world have to change! People have to start sharing, sharing street and pedestrian ways for walking and cycling because street is not an individual spaces, it is a public spaces. People need to change their point of view that cars and motorcycles are not as healthy as walking and cycling. People need to understand that our earth is old enough to take care of us. It is the time for us to take a good care of our mother earth and giving back its strength to once again give us a healthy and livable environment.

Amsterdam had already started it long time ago in the 70’s, Suwon, Kyoto, Changwon, Paris, Freiburg, Lagos Moreno, and Kaohsiung city had started to change today. What about Jakarta? Manila? Nairobi? We can start it now! What we need are commitment and willingness of people and government as the main actor of urban planning.